Medical Outreach

HHWIn rural Cambodian villages where medical assistance is not readily accessible, we work with the local NGOs to bring medical relief.

  • Health & Hygiene Wellness (HHW) Trips

Our team of medical professionals and volunteers are committed to the well-being of the villagers and have been organising regular HHW trips to bring medical assistance to the villagers. We conduct basic health screening and provide treatment and care for the sick and injured. We also teach the villagers good personal hygiene practices through interactive workshops on dental care and head lice prevention.


  • Health Ambassador Partnership (HAP) Programme

Through HAP, we want to bring about awareness of the importance of healthy habits that the villagers can adopt to improve their health. We want to empower the villagers to take ownership of their health and become health advocates for their communities.

Health ambassadors are chosen among the youths and trained to spread the message of healthy living. They are equipped with first-aid and health knowledge to educate others in their village and attend to their fellow countrymen in times of emergency.