SiloamXperience is birth out of a heart and passion for the people of Cambodia. Its goal is to empower individuals so that they may improve their living standards and become self-sufficient. They will also learn to empower others and make a difference in their community.” - Janette Goh-Tan, Founder of SiloamXperience Outreach

Everything we do, we do it with the people and the community in mind. We want to offer practical help to meet their most pressing needs. We seek to build collaborative communities with our volunteers and the locals to create change. We believe in creating a community of people who dare to make a difference. 

Through the years, we have reached out to the underprivileged through different initiatives. 

  • Feeding Events 

Besides organising regular feeding events, we also distribute food and daily necessities to the poverty-stricken villages in Kampong Thom Province of Cambodia. Even as we cannot travel to Cambodia now, we have been distributing COVID-19 Care Packs to the poorest households with priority given to those with elderly, young, sick or handicapped. Distance will not stop us from meeting the needs of the Cambodians.


  • House Repair

During our visits to the villages, we identify shabby and run-down kampong huts on unstable wooden stilts and repair them to give the villagers proper shelter over their heads. Other times, we also survey the living condition of the communities and do the necessary rebuilding, such as building well or pavement. We want to provide a safe space for them to live and for their children to grow up. 

  • Cherish and Nourish  

Yearly, we organise "Cherish and Nourish" Thanksgiving event to bring hope to the poor and needy and to remind them that they have not been forgotten by society. The event alternates between Singapore and Cambodia each year. It will be a carnival or banquet event and every guest is served a scrumptious meal and pampering sessions such as free haircuts. We want them to feel loved and be treated like our very important guests.

During some of the "Cherish and Nourish" Thanksgiving events held in Cambodia, our volunteers cooked up different cuisines for the villagers. We wanted to expose them to the different cultures and explore the world through food.