Who We Are


Our Vision

A world where everyone is empowered to live with dignity and realise their full potential.

Our Mission

SiloamXperience is committed to creating sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged communities through quality education and practical help. We work towards giving each individual the opportunity to thrive even in the most challenging circumstances. We seek to see lives being touched and communities being transformed so that the vicious cycle of poverty and defeat can be broken.

Our Motto  

“Touching lives, transforming communities”


Our Story

SiloamXperience Outreach Ltd (SOL) is a volunteer-driven organisation that seeks to improve the living standards of underprivileged communities. It seeks to equip them with essential life skills to become self-sufficient. The hope is that they will in turn empower those around them to create sustainable change in their local communities.

Being a not-for-profit organisation, SOL is driven by its purpose to empower every individual and is careful to ensure that all outreach programmes are conducted responsibly and sustainably. SOL wants to build a community of people who care to make a difference, however small or big the gesture may be.


In Singapore, we run a Thrift Store under our Project t2t (Trash to Treasure) – we bring awareness of environmental wellness through refusing to create waste, reducing, reusing, recycling and refashioning items donated to us. It is a place where people can find items at good bargains, and the net sales proceeds go towards supporting all our causes and initiatives.

Besides that, we work with family service centres to allow their needy clients and ex-offenders to shop for free under our Pay-It-4ward Programme. We also regularly work with mission groups and other charities to send relief to those in need globally.

Our Thrift Store is also a safe platform for us to mentor and help our youth develop their potential and understand the difference they can make with their actions.


SOL has been serving Cambodia for the past decade, especially in Chong Doung Commune in Kampong Thom Province. We have been conducting regular community outreach programmes through our community partners to provide education, healthcare assistance and humanitarian support to the villagers.  

It is also our hope to keep more children in school, especially those from the poorest households. Besides providing financial aid, we also conduct various programmes, workshops, and projects to empower the children, youth, and women in the villages, focusing on health and hygiene, vocational and life skills training, language, and literacy.