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Our Strategy


S.T.A.R.T. is a strategy to bring about a holistic community transformation. Through the power of transformed communities, we will then be able to make a significant impact on future generations.

Start a Vocational & Life Skills Training Centre - The Learners' Village

We believe that by offering the Cambodians an opportunity to receive practical help such as quality training and education, they will be equipped with knowledge and skills to develop competencies that will empower them to obtain meaningful employment which in turn help break them out from the vicious cycle of poverty.  

By imparting valuable knowledge and skills to them, we hope to give them the option to make informed choices about their career path and make a reasonable living out of it. Our goal is to ensure they can help themselves and their people, as a result, creating a community where everyone can live reasonably and sustainably.

Train and Mentor Local Leaders 

We work with local and overseas institutions and professionals to conduct regular courses that are relevant to the needs of the local community. We also mentor the local leaders and partner with them in all our projects and activities to ensure that they take responsibility for their community and share the same commitment and vision to create sustainable change.

Assist the Poor 

In partnering with the local authorities, agencies and churches, we organise feeding events, distributing food and daily necessities to the poverty-stricken villages in Kampong Thom Province of Cambodia. During such visits, we repair run-down houses and unstable huts, and give the villagers proper shelter over their heads. 

Reach the Sick and Needy 

  • Health & Hygiene Wellness (HHW) Trips

We have been organising regular HHW trips to bring medical assistance to the villagers. We work with medical professionals and volunteers to educate and treat the sick and injured. We also conduct basic health screening and teach the villages good personal hygiene practices to prevent the spread of diseases. 

  • Health Ambassador Partnership (HAP) Programme

This programme aims to bring about awareness of the importance of healthy habits that the villagers can adopt to improve their health. Health ambassadors (among the youth) are chosen and trained to spread the message of healthy living. They are also trained in first-aid and health knowledge so that they can assist to educate others in their village and attend to them in times of emergency.

Teach the Next Generation

We believe that children are the future and to ensure that the lives of the next generation are improved, we need to ensure that they are given the right tools and a strong set of wholesome values to guide them. As such, we are consistently working with the local schools to conduct programmes and school camps. We also offer hardship funds for the poor and those weak in studies. In addition, awards and book prizes for students who are top in class, top in level, most motivated and most improved are given to reward and encourage those students who have done well.


Working with Local Authorities, Schools, and NGOs in Cambodia

To quote an old saying “No man is an island”, this is true especially when we desire to see the community being helped and transformed. As far as we can, we aim to work closely with local authorities, schools and NGOs to ensure the sustainability of resources and that there is no duplication of work. We are in partnership with a local NGO, Siloam Mission & Development Cambodia Organisation (SMDCO), to ensure accountability and good governance.

We appreciate the partnership especially with the COVID-19 pandemic when we are not allowed to travel like before. Volunteers from SMDCO have been a great help and connection with the communities that we are working at.



Updates on our Work