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SiloamXperience Outreach Ltd (SOL)'s efforts

SiloamXperience Outreach Ltd (SOL), a not-for-profit organisation based in Singapore, seeks to improve the living standards of underprivileged communities in Singapore and Cambodia through quality education and practical help. We work towards giving each individual the opportunity to thrive even in the most challenging circumstances. We seek to see lives being touched and communities being transformed so that the vicious cycle of poverty and defeat can be broken. For more information on SOL’s work, please visit:

Every year, SOL holds a small-scale fundraiser to help spread the word about what we do. While doing so, we also try to support talented students and artists that we discover in the process of working in Cambodia.

This year, we have the pleasure of introducing Chaov Somnang, whose work was featured in our art auction during our Golf and Gala Dinner on 15 March 2024.

About Somnang

Chaov Somnang is a young and talented freelance artist in Cambodia. When he was 14 years old, he learned drawing skills after school at a young Khmer Artist Club which was supported by World Vision in 2005. Though Somnang found some success with his art, life was not easy.

In 2010, he had the opportunity to study a skill-based course on hospitality in a vocational school for 2 years with teachers from Singapore. He now has artwork and murals in his province and around Cambodia, and he also started a program to encourage the youth and young adults, who are suffering from depression - people who lost hope and are brokenhearted, through his artwork. 

He firmly believes that it is very important not to give handouts but the opportunity to learn skills so that people can be empowered. Hence this year, Chaov Somnang agreed to hold this art exhibition as part of SOL's art auction here in Singapore as he wanted to help raise funds for SOL to build the Learners' Village, the vocational centre in Kampong Thom province in Cambodia.

Somnang's work are truly inspirational. If you'd like to continue to support him by buying some his artwork, please contact us!

Watch him share his story:



Save the Forest

People are burning down forests to make way for development or to get the resources from it.
Many animals are made homeless or killed in the process.

This painting is a message to all that we have to make effort to save our forest. In Cambodia, many trees are chopped down to make some people richer. We need to stop all these acts of cruelty to our livestock that maintain our livelihood.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas 
Size: 70cm(W) x 120cm(H)
Year: 2024
Artist: Chaov Somnang


You have infinite potential
You have potential to think, to feel, to reflect on your experiences and to also love yourself.  
So choose well, and be creative - create by yourself and with others. 
Be open and humble to share your thoughts with people who have genuine interest and learn from their experiences. Then we will grow to reach our potential!

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 60cm(W) x 80cm(H)
Year: 2024
Artist: Chaov Somnang

Koi with Lotus

Lotus or lily flowers grow in a muddy pond but develop into beautiful flowers which is much loved. 
The lotus is often paired with a koi which can take on a variety of meanings. Here, this piece represents the stages of struggle, perseverance and inevitable success.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas 
Size: 60cm(W) x80cm(H)
Year: 2024
Artist: Chaov Somnang


If you'd like to continue to support him by buying some his artwork, please contact us!

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